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Cocatalyst was founded to help non-profits receive more donations by streamlining the process of gifting stocks. Donors increase their contributions through stock gifts because the appreciated holdings are not taxed. This page explains the process for contributors to donate through Cocatalyst.

Keep in mind, whether you're a mega church, or community non-profit, you will have a best in class experience for donors. Here’s how it works:

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Our goal is to help donors optimize their giving to make the most impact, and signing up with Cocatalyst is free. You should place the Jumpstart Button on your website, and share the Jumpstart Link to donor who inquire on giving stock.


We have a start donation form that allows users to make a gift. However, this requires that the donor input your charity’s information. To reduce time and prevent confusion, we recommend you fill out the next section. Our API will generate you a Cocatalyst Jumpstart button on your website and link[customizable_text] for other mediums. This button will prefill your data using our API, and cut down on the steps donors need to do to complete the gift.

Fund Delivery & Reporting

We include the name of the donor and memo on each checks that we issue. Checks are written out to the organization’s legal name and mailed to the address on file with the IRS for the 501(c)3. Funds are generally sent out within 5 business days of sale. If you are a religious organization not registered with the IRS, we have an one time verification process.

All charity recipients receive transaction email updates for pending donations. We include donor name, amount, and memo (comments from the donor).

In addition, charities that have signed up for the Jumpstart program will receive monthly CSV reports by email of their transaction history. This report is normally sent the first full week of the month, and includes:

  • donor name

  • amount

  • date of check issuance

  • Cocatalyst Tracking ID

Note: Donors have the option of donation anonymously.

Sign Up

After submitting, you’ll get HTML and text links to put on your website and emails.

My charity's name is and
our website is .
I would like to reserve
as the shortened link/url for social media. I understand the link is not
activated until we put the Jumpstart Button HTML on our website: .
The finance team's general help email is
and our Tax ID # is .
We normally receive number of stock donations a year.
I'm 100% sure the information is correct, and I agree to the Cocatalyst Terms of Service.

Look and Feel

With a Jumpstart button, instead of having to enter all the charity information, donors simply confirm the information you preload. This is a preview of the button with default settings for World Vision.


When a donor clicks the button, they are brought to our secure request form. After putting in their stock details, they confirm that your charity is the recipient. This saves tremendous time for the donor, and ensures you receive the funds sooner.

Look and Feel Preview.png

After the form is completed, brokers send the securities over to our liquidation service. We will issue a tax receipt for the donor, and immediately send the proceeds to you by check.


The size of the button can be changed from “medium” to “small” or “large”:

size: "medium"

Tooltip (hover explanation for stock donations) can be disabled by appending the following:

tooltip: false


Signing up for the Jumpstart tools on Cocatalyst is free. For our most up to date pricing information when we process securities, please check our Pricing Section in our Help.


Any 501(c)3 charitable organization is supported by Cocatalyst. However, if your organization is a foundation, please contact us by starting a conversation with our Chat Bot for confirmation.

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