Integrations for Platforms

If you are representing a charity, and want to set up Cocatalyst Stock Donations for the organization, please visit our For Charities page.

Cocatalyst offers integrations that enables non-profit CRM software to easily add stock donations tools. By signing up, you can leverage the Jumpstart button for all the charities on your platform.

Look and Feel

Jumpstart Button

After clicking the button below, the user is redirected to our donation page with the charity’s information prefilled.

Jumpstart Link

We can create shortened links in this format:[charity_tag]. The link can be placed on emails, social media, webpages, or even physical materials, such as brochures. Entering the link brings the user to the same location as the Jumpstart Button.

API Tools

For platforms, we offer the following endpoints to set up Cocatalyst for your customers.

  • Sign up your charities. You can call our RESTful API, and we’ll return the metadata for create the proper Jumpstart tokens. Note: Your customers can also visit our For Charities page to sign up directly.

  • Monitor Transactions. We can send webhooks to preset URIs to donation events.


Your customers that enable Cocatalyst must be a 501(c)3 charitable organization. However, if they are a foundation, please have them contact us by sending an email the dedicated inbox we provide your clients, or by starting a conversation with our Chat Bot for confirmation.

Learn More

If you want to sign up your firm, or want to inquire for more details, please drop us a line by asking for Support in the chatbot below.